Volleyball Equipment

Great Quality Posts and Accessories

Royal Stewart Ltd. is a seasoned supplier & installer of volleyball equipment, with installations ranging from the elementary school on the corner to the most Royal Stewart Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of volleyball systems for your sports facility.

We have everything you need whether in stock or special order from recreational level to high level tournament play. Floor sockets, end posts & centre posts, winches, protective padding, nets and antennae, all integrate seamlessly to give you an affordable, high quality volleyball system. Add a referee stand and you’re ready for competition!

Superior Volleyball Posts: Our volleyball posts are engineered for perfection. Made of round tubing recommended by the Canadian Volleyball Association, they set the gold standard for stability and durability. With non-marking rubber transport wheels, you can roll these posts into position like a well-executed serve.

Safety and Quality: Safety and quality are at the heart of what we do. Our volleyball nets are supported with steel cables that provide unmatched stability, ensuring a horizon that stays taut and true – during the most intense rallies. Post pads add an extra layer of protection, making your game safe and durable.

Referee Stand: Like a perched hawk watching over the court, our referee stands are your go-to for maintaining order and fairness in the game. They attach integrated to our volleyball posts, a common fixture in national and international tournaments.

Complete Accessories: We don’t just stop at the essentials; we offer a full lineup of volleyball accessories. From premium floor sockets to boundary lines that define the court, we’ve got you covered.

Repair Parts: Even the most reliable equipment can take a beating during intense games. That’s why we provide top-notch repair parts to keep your gear in championship condition. Just like a team that relies on teamwork, your equipment should work together seamlessly.


We aim to provide equipment that meets the highest standards of excellence. Whether you’re serving up success or blocking obstacles like a pro, we’ve got the gear to help you rise above the net and reach new heights. It’s time to dig deep, set your sights high, and spike your way to victory with RSL volleyball equipment. Join us in setting the standard for the ultimate volleyball experience.

Let's chat about your project needs. We can help you determine the best options and features.