With our strong design heritage, you’re in good hands.

We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company that provides quality service, and reliable, safe and affordable products to the sports and recreation market. We keep our heads in the game by consistently evolving with new technologies, designs, and building codes. We focus on the durability of our product, expertly crafted with safety and comfort always in mind.

Our broad range of products will accommodate projects of any scale for your gym, auditorium or sports facility. Royal Stewart’s factory certified sales and installation team have the training and experience to simplify development, explain the terminology and solidify plans to help you bring your project from concept to completion.

Our Services

We offer all of the products that you may need to equip your gym. We can assess your current situation, project needs, and consult you on the best way to get you from where you are to where you want to go. We can install all of the equipment in a safe, efficient manner and make sure it’s properly maintained to extend its useful life. We can also inspect your facility and equipment for any deficiencies so you can have that extra peace of mind.

Design Consultations on Projects

Price Quotations for Various Options

Supply of Appropriate Cost-Effective Equipment

Factory Trained Installation Services

Regular Inspections for Maintenance & Safety

Let's chat about your project needs. We can help you determine the best options and features.