University of Lethbridge

3200 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic VIP seats, 2 colours.

William Glesby Centre

3200 Series Retractable Bleacher, fully upholstered VIP seats.

Catholic Central High School

2400 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic contoured seat modules, 2 seat colours for lettering.

University of Winnipeg

Duckworth Centre - 3200 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic VIP seats, 3 seat colours for lettering.

Weston High School

2400 Series Retractable Bleacher, plastic contoured seat modules.

Royal Stewart Ltd.

We’re glad you stopped by to check us out because it gives us a chance to tell you why you should stay. The truth is, there can only be so many people in this world who are as passionate about gym equipment as we are. You may not be one of those people. However, what you do care about is ensuring your project is completed to the highest standard, with the best possible equipment, by the kind of professionals who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure lasting success. This is where our interests coincide.

Welcome to our home, where we consider our customers like family. We’re excited to be there for your first step towards your goals to the moment it’s finished. And much like a concerned parent, we will check in every now and then to make sure everything is still running smoothly. These qualities all stem from wanting to stay true to the company’s values of exceptional service, while we strive to put the fun in your facility with our superior sporting equipment.

Our full Canadian product line includes basketball backstops, portable stages, gym divider systems, standard volleyball and badminton pieces, portable Tip N Roll bleachers, fixed spectator and theatre seating, as well as many other versatile products to suit your sport equipment needs. So take a look around, familiarize yourself with the product and choose to use us for all the outstanding services we offer.

This isn’t just work for us, it’s a lifestyle. We are sports fans who appreciate sitting comfortably while cheering on our favorite team. We are team coaches who are involved in numerous activities and value quality equipment. We are parents who make safety a priority without compromising cost.

Consider us like the cool kids on the playground with the best lunch - everyone wants a piece. While many companies strive to partner with us, we are extremely selective and base our partnership on their proven history of providing quality product and service. Through and through, there is nothing that wouldn’t make you proud to say that your working with us.

While we look to complete your project efficiently, we don’t blindly charge forward to the finish line. Instead, we make sure it gets done right the first time through a series of effective services. Our team’s collective experiences allow us to provide you with free design consultations and price quotations on various options during the concept phase. Then we supply you with appropriate, cost effective equipment through our factory trained installation services. Following the successful completion of your facility, we ensure regular inspections for maintenance and safety. Nothing goes unnoticed or overpriced.

If you’re looking for great product and people in the same package, then look no further. The next step is getting started.

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